Daily Things [Sleepover Girls] [Stickers]

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Introducing The Sleepover Girls! A series of girls who are part of a neverending slumber party! You can pick between the travel savvy Marinne or Renée the fashionista.

Marinne is a girl who loves to travel around the world and dream of one day becoming a travel agent or someone who gets to enjoy all sorts of fun food out there including bubble tea and churros. Marinne also loves playing Animal Crossing on her 3DS when she's done with her essay deadlines. 
Renée has a passion for fashion and is super good with sciences. Even so, Renée knows when it's time to take a break and be kind to herself either with some manicures or enjoy a cup of coffee. She can rock all sorts of cool lipstick colors but her current favorites are dark plum and pastel lilac.

Handcut stickers on laser printed sticker paper. As I did cut them by hand, the lines are bound to be imperfect.